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Before we place you in front of a million people, we ensure you're ready first.

She Made $1 Million And So Can You!

We can definitely get your business in front of millions, however, let’s first take you through our process and ensure you’re ready! Our job is to help you create the demand, meet the demand, and scale your business to the next level!

Our Services

We are helping Black Owned Businesses compete on a global level!

  • Marketing & Advertisement

    From one promotion, we've helped businesses make millions. Let's get your business out front today!

  • Brand Development

    Let's focus on how you are presenting your brand and how people will forever remember you. 

  • Social Media Management

    Spending countless hours trying to improve your engagement? Our team of experts can truly help. 

  • Content Development

    Better content equals better conversions. From product photography to commercial videos, we got you!

  • Business Consultation

    Businesses saved thousands of dollars with our consultations. Why make mistakes others already made? 

  • And More!

    We have a ton of resources to ensure your business is seen as a model company. 

1.4 Million People Who All Want To Buy Black!

We are reaching over 1.3 million people who are interested in supporting a Black owned business. Our following grows 600 people per day and we can't wait to get your business in front of them. 

"Me and my husband talk about We Buy Black all the time. We love everything you all are doing."



"I got everybody in my family following We Buy Black. I'm always talking about We Buy Black!"

Eva Marcille

Actor / Model

I’m very happy about this…We’ve tried to encourage people to buy black but it’s hard to get the information.

Tina Knowles

Fashion Designer

"I check We Buy Black every day so I can know what businesses in our community I should be supporting."

"We Buy Black helped me find a Black owned phone company, a Black bank, and even a Black owned detergent!"

I've tried promoting my business with a lot of people, but no body has got me the returns greater than We Buy Black. 

He Quit His Job After Promoting With We Buy Black

Phil Garner of Garner's Garden quit his job after promoting with We Buy Black.  There are millions of people that may want your product or service, however they don't know you exist. 

Why support Black Businesses?

No matter who you are, we all understand the significance in supporting our own!

Interview with Iyanla

Interview with Cynthia Bailey

We don't just promote you, we make sure you do well!

Why spend your marketing budget with Facebook or Instagram, but don't convert well. We already have your target market: People who want to support a Black Owned Business! 

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